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Beau Dixon - home
Beau Dixon - actor
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"And Freedom For All"
Heritage Pavilion Stage
Written by Ed Schroeter
Directed by and starring Beau Dixon
"Beautiful Lady, Tell Me..." - WORLD PREMIERE
4th Line Theatre
Written by Shirley Barrie
Directed by Molly Thom
Musical Directors:  Susan Newman, Rob Fortin
"The Shadow of Genius" A First World War Remembrance Day Play
Heritage Pavilion Stage
Written by Ed Schroeter
Directed by Kim Blackwell
Starring Beau Dixon, Brad Brackenridge, Jason Gray , Clara-Lynn Naccaratto
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Photo by Jane Wild
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"The Full Monty"
Northumberland Players
Capitol Theatre
Port Hope
(photos courtesy
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Info & photos from some of Beau's acting appearances:
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Rehearsal Photo by Werner Bergen
l to r:  Rob Winslow, Alison Jutzi, Beau Dixon
Photo by Marlon Hazlewood
Photo by Marlon Hazlewood
Photo by Shannon Sebert
See Beau in rehearsal on 4th Line's Media page
(click on Video -> 2007 -> clip: CHEX TV-2)
Watch Beau in a Pepsi/Lays TV commercial (aired on TSN, 2007):
"Jesus Christ Superstar"
The King Street Players
Directed by Dan Shaer
Beau received many accolades for his performance as Judas in "Jesus Christ Superstar" - a role it seems he
was born to play.  Here are some of the wonderful responses to his work:
"Congratulations.  I was at the show last night and you definitely stood out in the cast.   I don't know how you even
have a voice left with the range you were required to sing.   You had some great moments and it was clear to us
as an audience that you enjoyed the role."
Paul Crough - Performer / Educator

"I wanted to add my congratulations to all of the other accolades I am sure you have received for your
performance in Jesus Christ Superstar.  You showed incredible emotional range in the role of Judas and you
used your considerable energy to support the unfolding of the drama.  Your voice and movements were powerful
- to the point of the lights seeming to dim when you left the stage."
Jeanette Sanderson - Performer

"... you were fantastic!  What a role for you... gave you the opportunity to put every nuance into that character...
and that you did.  Congratulations!"
Beth McMaster - Writer / Director

"After seeing yesterday's production of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Millbrook Theatre, I felt I had to congratulate
on your stellar performance as Judas.  Wow!!  Since seeing the play I have consulted your website and can
clearly see that you are indeed blessed with much talent; the kind of talent that is God-given - real and authentic.  
You are a star worthy of its highest limits.   May God continue to Bless you as you shine."
Rev. Elizabeth Green - Incumbent, St. Thomas Anglican Church, Millbrook
Beau Dixon (Judas)          David Ludwig (Jesus)
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by Don Nigro
Artsweek 2008
Showplace Theatre
Directed by Bea Quarrie

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Photo by Lance Anderson
Peterborough This Week
Photo by Lance Anderson, Peterborough This Week
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Poster designed by Shannon Taylor
Northumberland Players
Capitol Theatre
Port Hope
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"The Woolgatherer"
Proscenium Stage Theatre
at the Capitol Theatre
Port Hope
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"Hamlet In A Hurry"
Mysterious Entity Theatre
at the Market Hall
"La Ronde"
Red Light District Theatre
at the Wicked Club
Queen St. W., Toronto
Beau appeared as "the husband" in
La Ronde:

"The deep rich vocal tones of Beau
Dixon were a pleasant surprise.
Hopefully we'll see, and hear, him in a
musical format again soon."
Fab Magazine                                        
read full review    

"Beau Dixon stood out as The
Husband...  a character holding a lot
behind his mask."
Keith Bennie,
Photo by Jennifer Krivel
"Next To Normal"
Art For Awareness
at Adam Scott Theatre
Photo by Evan Holt
"Beneath Springhill - The
Maurice Ruddick Story"
Firebrand Theatre
One-man show
Written by Beau Dixon
"The Real McCoy"
4th Line Theatre
"Titus Andronicus"
Canadian Stage
Shakespeare in High Park
“The one who does survive, and even flourish, is Beau Dixon in the role of the
villainous Aaron, lover of the Queen of the Goths and gleeful instigator of much
of the evil in the play.  The role has been cut somewhat, which actually
improves it for a modern audience.  And Beau Dixon manages to strike the
occasional note of rough dignity and pride amid all the histrionics.  It’s good
Robert Crew, The Toronto Star (

“As motiveless malignity Aaron, Beau Dixon heightens the Moor's inexplicable
evil with charm to spare and a diabolical glee, especially in the second half: his
renditions of lines such as “O how this villainy / Doth fat me with the very
thoughts of it!” give you the sense that Aaron's about ready to burst with love of
his crimes. (It also makes his cootchie-cooing to his infant son all the more
funny and disturbing.)”
Jeff Cottrill,

“Only Beau Dixon’s intense Aaron arouses any serious interest; his
unconditional love for his child and unconditional hate for everyone else stands
out, each having an impressive purity.”
J. Kelly Nestruck, The Globe and Mail
Photo by:  David Hou
"As You Like It" and "Titus Andronicus"
Canadian Stage
Shakespeare in High Park
Photos (4) by:  Paul Lampert